Next Door Originals - Slick Tricks - Connor Halsted & Alex Grand [720p].mp4

Release: May 25, 2018
Length: 32m 40s

Roomies Alex Grand and Connor Halsted have an ongoing prank war going on with each other. But the tricks are not without their treats, as it has served as a sort of bonding event for the two of them. After Connor’s latest gag, Alex is looking to get him back in a good way, and he has just the idea in mind. As he embraces Connor in the kitchen and leads him back to the bedroom.

Once there, Alex Grand exacts his revenge by face fucking Connor Halsted’s mouth. But this is the sort of retribution Connor gladly welcomes, as he downs Alex’s hard dick willingly. Satisfied with Connor’s enthusiasm, Alex bends him over the sofa arm and slides his cock deep into Connor’s bareback hole, fucking him from behind as Connor reaches under to stroke his dick.

Alex Grand shows no mercy as he pounds Connor into submission, abusing him all over the living room before flipping him on his back and nutting all over his hole. Alex shoves his cock back inside Connor’s cumhole as Connor strokes himself madly, spitting his load all over his stomach in a giant puddle. As it drips down the side of his chest, Connor realizes that paybacks are hell, or in this case, heaven.



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