BrokeStraightBoys - Bobby Owens & Drake Tyler.mp4


FILE NAME: BrokeStraightBoys - Bobby Owens & Drake Tyler.mp4 CODEC ID: MPEG-4, isom , Duration : 19 min 45 s, Bit rate : 5 000 kb/s Screen Resolution : 1 920P X 1 080P, Display aspect ratio: 16:9

Description - Bobby Plays With Drake Tyler's Ass. Bobby Owens and Drake Tyler have quite a few years of porn experience between the two of them, so they're ready to get things started as they undress and Drake drops to his knees in front of Bobby. Drake takes that big cock in his mouth, sucking it as it grows longer and thicker on his tongue, deepthroating it until he's gagging on that erect dick. It's Bobby's turn to give Drake some amazing oral as he sucks that cock, running his tongue up and down Drake's shaft and balls then getting him on all fours as he eats that ass, rimming Drake's tight hole and giving him a few good spanks before sliding a finger inside Drake's entrance. Bobby fingers Drake's hole real good, slamming two digits in and out of him before climbing onto the bed and 69ing, each guy's face buried between the thighs of the other, mouth full of cock. When they're both throbbing hard, Bobby stands up behind Drake and shoves his cock into Drake's waiting hole, fucking him hard and bareback as he moans for more. Drake's ass bounces as Bobby thrusts into him, balls slapping against Drake's taint as he takes that prick, turning onto his back and letting Bobby fuck him harder. Bobby takes a break from all that ass pounding and lets Drake ride him, Drake's hand wrapping around his own dick and stroking it until he cums and then taking Bobby's load in his mouth!