DirtyScout 139 (360P).mp4


FILE NAME: DirtyScout 139 (360P).mp4 CODEC ID: MPEG-4, M4V , Duration : 34 min 12 s, Bit rate : 1 200 kb/s Screen Resolution : 640P X 360P, Display aspect ratio: 16:9
Description - This guy’s friend recommended our company as a great place to get a job. Indeed we are the best on the market but sometimes people have to pay a price. His friend was a girl, which would explain why he was so surprised about my naughty offers. I would never care about some girl. Our guy was a computer network technician and I had a nice job for him. As anyone else, he had to pay our mediation fee. He was broke, that’s why I made him my naughty proposition. I wonder if he will ever mention this to his friend. I’m sure that her interview was far less painful. This poor boy was incredibly tight. It took some time to get in and stretch him nicely. And I almost thought he might be gay because of a huge boner he had at the beginning.

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