[French Twinks] 2018.06.18 - Explore My Body - Erwan Lamour, Jules Laroche (720p).mp4

[French Twinks] Explore My Body - Erwan Lamour, Jules Laroche (720p)
A huge cock for an innocent twink

Released: 18 June 2018
Duration: 20m 48s

Erwan Lamour invites Jules Laroche to play the "Touch My Body Challenge". Jules is blindfolded and Erwan points his partner's finger at a part of his body that he needs to recognize. Of course we didexpect our hot twink to stay wise and quickly he puts the hand of Jules in his boxer... and then in his ass!

Erwan is lying on his back, legs apart and Jules enjoys a bird's eye view of his little hole. Our stallion doesn’t resist this invitation and then begins to suck Erwan while pushing a finger in his tight ass. The twink moans loudly and Jules takes confidence, he introduces two fingers, then three and even four. Erwan screams but seems to enjoy this half fist and his anus opens slowly. After a good anal fingering Jules penetrates Erwan and the simple sound of his moans when the monster cock of Jules penetrates him, tells a lot about the intensity of the fucking session that will follow. Jules is more dominant than ever and will pound the delicious ass of Erwan wildly, without being distracted of the moans of his partner. Exhausted by the effort Jules takes a break to get sucked and regain strength. Once ready for the final assault Jules lays Erwan on his back and fucks him with all his energy. Erwan screams again and loudly and Jules retires to come to spurt his hot semen on his face.

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