HelixStudios - SpankThis - Earned That Burn - Josh Brady & Angel Rivera (FHD).mp4


FILE NAME: HelixStudios - SpankThis - Earned That Burn - Josh Brady & Angel Rivera (FHD).mp4 CODEC ID: MPEG-4, mp42 , Duration : 10 min 40 s, Bit rate : 5 000 kb/s Screen Resolution : 1 920P X 1 080P, Display aspect ratio: 16:9
Description - Angel Rivera is feeling quite devilish and in desperate need of attention from Josh Brady. Josh is "attempting" to enjoy a relaxing day watching tv but Rivera is more interested in roughhousing. We have to admit, Angel IS quite adorable teasing Josh and egging him on till the big boy breaks, finally giving Angel and that amazing ass WAY more attention than he bargained for! Brady beats the bad boy's butt with a heavy hand; but, Angel is relentless! He continues to fuck with the alpha, accusing him of not beatin' that booty hard enough! That's all Brady needs to hear to go ballistic! He whips pretty boy's drawers off and smacks that ass like a stepchild. Rivera's rump even goes a few rounds with Brady's belt! Rivera finally retreats when his bronze butt ends up ripe red like a tasty tomato. Even welted and raw with pain, Rivera retreats defiantly, shouting "fuck you" back at Brady while he limps away.

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