Videoboys - Luda Wayne & Lukas Wild.avi

There has never been a scene that we've so anxiously waited for as this one. Luda Wayne has been resisting our attempts to move him toward this moment for almost a year now. First it was solos, then a jerk off scene with a straight friend, then he fucked a boy, then a dildo in his ass. All of these were merely baby steps leading to this definitive question: will Luda get fucked in that beautiful ass?

We asked him this question over and over for the past year. Finally, just after New Years he said he'd give it a try. So we had to make sure that everything was just right, make sure nothing would go wrong. Naturally we had to call in our most reliable erection, Lukas Wild. Luda liked our choice.

The day of the shooting Luda and Lukas met for the first time and seemed to hit it off right away. They went out for a smoke and found that they have a lot in common. But the one big difference is that Lukas likes boys and Luda likes girls. But Luda wasn't the slightest bit uncomfortable with Lukas being gay and Lukas wasn't going treat him any different even if he did. This was Lukas' opportunity to do what ever he wanted to a Str8 boy and he wasn't going to waste it.

I won't tell you how it went down but suffice it to say a lot of satisfaction was derived from this scene by everyone involved. And if you know anything about Lukas Wild, you might guess how he christened Luda's maiden voyage.

Length: 17 minutes
Rel. Jan. 14, 2011