Guys In Sweatpants - Marcus Young, Aiden Ward, Angel Rivera - Winner gets all [720p].mp4

The stakes are always higher when there's dick involved, am I right?? Marcus was the winner of the foosball tournament, and instead of choosing between fucking a hole or getting his hole fucked, he was smart and chose both! These are 3 beautiful boys with beautiful cocks and asses who know how to use everything they have. Aiden's thick 8" cock left Marcus' hole very happy, same with Marcus' nice 8" and Angel's hole. Angel is a lover of cum (especially when it's coming out of big dicks like these) so once he let Marcus fuck is huge load out of him, they flipped him over and let their loads go all over his face and mouth! It wasn't quite over though as Angel realized Aiden didn't get to fuck Aiden spit on his hole and mounted him, and the rest was so hot that we had to make it into its own separate upcoming video! Keep an eye out for it soon!

Cast: Angel Rivera, Marcus Young, Aiden Ward

Released: Oct 6, 2019

Length: 39:54

720p, mp4, 30fps, 3,200kbps

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